6 of the Oddest Cars and Vehicles You Must See to Believe

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In the world of design, there are many truly unique and mind-boggling ideas. And this is true whether you’re talking about the art behind your favorite car posters or the philosophy of your favorite racing vehicles. Plus, over the decades, people seem to be willing to try out just about any idea once or twice. This can lead to technical breakthroughs and new trends. On the other hand, it can also lead to bizarre and unforeseen consequences, and that’s definitely true when it comes to some of the oddest cars in the world. And this week, your friends here at Rear View Prints are bringing 6 of them to you. A few of them will blow your minds, but they’ll all have you questioning your idea of what it means to hit the road.

Longest Car - Rear View Prints

The Longest Limo in the World has Its Own Helicopter

How long can a limo really get? Check out the stylish vehicle at the link above, and you’ll see just how insane it can get. Sporting more than your standard number of wheels, this limo even comes with its own helicopter landing pad… you know, just in case.

VW Golf Mini - Rear View Prints

The Volkswagen Mini GOL is as Tiny as They Come

Volkswagen is known for making a number of smaller vehicles. But what happens when they go for the smallest of the small? The Mini GOL makes the VW Golf or Bug look like a giant when they sit side-by-side. But we love the hot red color of this model!

Hot Tub Car - Rear View Prints

The World’s First Hot Tub Car Defines the Oddest Cars

Let’s be honest: who hasn’t wanted to take a swim while driving? The video at the link starts out innocently enough… but then it takes a turn, literally! This one defines what it means to be one of the world’s oddest cars.  No matter where you sit during your drive, you’ll be taking a dip.

Pool Table Car - Rear View Prints

The Pool Table Car Brings the Game Along

Speaking of the oddest cars in the world and weird combinations, take a look at the pool table car. With a full-sized pool table in the back, this vehicle looks like a lot of fun. It can even hit 100mph! But when you stop, you can invite everyone around for a game of billards.

Flying Car - Rear View Prints

The AeroMobile 3.0 is the Vehicle We Were Promised

Okay, this one is simply rad. For many of us, the promise of a flying car has been decades in the making. And now, it’s here. When you watch this one cruising the road and soaring in the air, you’ll probably feel like us… this is one seriously cool vehicle with an amazing design! It might be one of the world’s oddest cars, but it’s also elegant and interesting.

Transparent Car - RVP

The Shell Helix Ultra Serves a Purpose

We’ll be honest we had to look into this 100% transparent car to verify if it was even real. Watch the video, and you’ll immediately see the ideas that went into this car. And really, when it comes down to it, being able to see exactly what’s going on inside an engine is pretty epic.

Do you know about a car that defies the imagination? Share it with all of us in the comments!

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